I'm lucky I can support a lifestyle & hobbies that don't
A. crush my soul
or B. tire myself out too bad..
I think a lot of people hang it up after being dogged by those two things.

Still, shortcuts come up all the time and I take them because I don't want to spend resources to make it easier, more efficient, better, whatever

I also live with some things being lower quality since:
to make it better = spending money I don't need to

If you're inspired by this work and want to contribute in your own way, consider helping out.
There are a few ways:

1.  Shop the "modern peasant store": 
modern peasant is a blog I created as the sort of business arm of all things creative for me. It's an umbrella I hope includes other creatives eventually.
Spread the love with greeting cards, posters, custom prints, and more?:
2.  Give on Venmo: 
Any moneys collected at this Venmo account are absolutely, 100%, directly and only used to support new projects. And sometimes beer.
3.  Send an item from Amazon:
Go easy-peasy and with a few clicks send something from Amazon:​​​​​​​
or send (USPS) packages to:
M:W - Sam
PO Box 1079 
Westcliffe, CO 81252​​​​​​​
My Wish List is full of all the little purchases it takes to support the art...along with a few one-off items that will add a new and useful tool to move us along.
some "never enough" stuff:
Fujifilm X-TRA  and/or  Kodak UltraMax  (400) 35mm Film
Film keeps getting more and more expensive (crazy, right?). At the start a three-pack was maybe 15 or 16 dollars. They're a lot more now. 
Keep the engine running! Another round of Fujifilm 400 is like a fresh tank of regular gasoline on a long road trip. Nothing fancy. Just get us there.
CineStill CS41 Color Developer
If rolls of film are gasoline, these CineStill kits are the oil change. We can do a whole day's worth of developing (10-15 rolls) with one of these kits. That's like 400-500 photos that can chemically manifest in just a few clicks.
You can really help out with these:
Paterson 3-Reel Tank
Right now we roll with just one 2-reel tank. One or two more 3-reel tanks to run simultaneously would cut developing time in a HUGE way. And time = money so we're spending money to make money with this one.
Kodak Portra 400 FIlm
No experience so far with this fancy film but I am excited to try it one day. Been too cheap to pull the trigger.
Kodak Ektar 100 Film
99% of everything we've developed so far has been 400 speed/iso. Seems like this 100 speed stuff might turn out really gorgeous on a bright, snowy morning in the mountains.
Send it over and see.
Thank you
 I am forever grateful for all the inspiration and support so far along in this life. 
Nothing creative happens in a vacuum and no one stands on top of the world without friends and family to get there.
Thank you :)
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