I'm Sam. 
All this is is a place to put creative content from my life somewhere free from clutter. Specifically, film photos are my jam.
I don't really remember the why or how, but somewhere during a mid-life crisis in my early 20s I got really into film photography. It was so simple and gave a big middle finger to a digital world I was running away from. I wanted so bad for everyone else to see the magic of film too. 
It has stuck with me for years now and grown to be one of my favorite ways to spend time--not only taking the photos but processing, scanning, and editing them too.  It took a while but eventually I graduated from paying stores way too much money (and waiting way too long) and now I own the process from start to finish. The delayed gratification from seeing a photo for the first time after sometimes many months is absolutely priceless and what keeps me going.​​​​​​​
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